June 1, 2009

Note to self: FOCUS

I truly thought I wouldn't screw up until at least being in the middle of the painting process but, surprise! I forgot about the size of my reference, that I measured, decided on the size and resized it just YESTERDAY, and adjusted it to the right margin, now I have almost an inch of empty paper on the left and nothing on the right, and I don't want to loose those patterns on the right because they add balance, so I guess I'll just have to paint to the edge and crop the extra paper on the left even if that leaves me with a border too even compared to the other three.

And the kanji, I forgot to transfer one kanji! right in the middle of a lantern! FO·CUS TERESA! FOCUS!!! Now that I've taken some time from the painting table to rant I'm ready to continue, maybe I can start applying color today.

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