June 2, 2009

What to learn in the learning zone

Some days ago I posted a question at the Learning Zone at Wet Canvas, I'm pretty aware about all the conflicts and changes that have been around there and I turned into a lurker in that site for some years, yet now I needed some input about a medium for the painting I'm planning so... what a better place to ask, right? I opened a thread asking about Schmincke Aqua Series Watercolor Medium, Aqua Fix, 60 ml. which is listed as a WATERCOLOR MEDIUM, somehow yesterday, while I was happily working on the painting a war started at WetC, stating that the Learning Zone was not the right place for the thread because we ended up talking about other choices since nobody had experience with the aqua fix.

The moderator stated that the thread should be moved to another forum, ok, since it's turned this way and got some input about acrylics, even if I don't agree with the suggestion that it should have been opened in a different place than the learning zone - because aqua fix IS a WATERCOLOR MEDIUM - I agree that it could be moved to other forum at this point, but why start a war? why the learning zone of the watercolor forum is not the right place to start a thread asking about a watercolor medium? I'd say there's not a better place!

I hate that probably they didn't even take a second look to the first post, I hate that they are taking it to a personal level just because one of the persons who suggested acrylics was Ness, I hate that they openly say that the new members shouldn't have an opinion because they are "too new" to know about the previous conflict about watercolor/acrylic, in fact they shouldn't even be linking the input as alternatives to aqua fix as an attempt to bring back acrylics to the watercolor forum.

Now the thread is closed because it was going out of control, before I could even post an answer there, that's probably what has bothered me the most, if it's not the right forum any more please move it, if you don't want Nick to post and offer help to others tell him openly you want to ban him, I must say he and Walter gave me a good alternative to what I was actually asking when others including the ones that has started the war couldn't or didn't take the time to, I can't be most grateful to them, thank you guys, without the input in that thread I probably wouldn't have started the painting yet.

I'm not usually an opinionated person looking for conflict, more like a live and let live kind of person, but I do have an opinion, and I do want to respect the rules, and I did want to tell them to move the thread if they considered it necessary after it turning into a chat about other mediums and at the same time stating that it was indeed the right forum to start the thread, I wanted to thank the people who offered alternative suggestions for their help, they took the time to research and post to help someone they don't even know, and when I'm about to post it I CAN'T BECAUSE THE THREAD IS CLOSED. Well, thank you all for your time and your knowledge and your willing to help, as for myself I don't think any of my questions in the future will be fit in that so called "learning zone", if you can't ask about watercolor materials... what can you ask about?

End of rant, back to normal mode.


RHCarpenter said...

Ah, Teresa, I think there is so much bad blood flowing through that group that most of us have stopped going for anything but a little peek once in a while. I cannot remember the last time I posted there. Sounds like you asked a valid question, got some answers someone didn't like and that caused the problem? That Nes is such a rebel, eh? Love him!!! I'm glad you got some comments that actually were helpful to you - there is a lot of talent and knowledge in many of the forums, too, if they could be heard.

Ann Buckner said...

You Go Girl! Did you write to a Moderator or an Administrator about this? Sad times when a simple question leads to such intense opinions. Just happy you received some helpful alternatives!

Lost in wonder said...

Rhonda, it's a pity to see some people that are only willing to help being unnecesarily and unfairly moderated, and even accused of "hi-jacking" the thread, in a feeble attempt to put them back in their (never left) place, the thing escalated fast and went out of control.

Ann, I did write to the administrator yesterday after work, sent him a long PM with my thoughts about all the situation (will forward for you to see) and soon he replied, short, nice and over all polite. The thread is reopened now (though probably dead) and all the mess cleared and removed after the moderation post except for 2 messages.

Kathy said...

Hi Theresa, I am a watercolorist but have never used the medium that you are inquiring about. Sorry! It's too bad about that group; I have no experience with them, either. But, there are plenty of watercolor artists that blog and, hopefully, they can give you some advice. Also, thanks so much for visiting my website and for your kind and encouraging comments!

Lost in wonder said...

Hey Kathy! good to have you here :) well, after all the input I got I think I'll be ok with a thin sprayed acrylic layer as an alternative to aquafix, and in the future I'll rely on fellow blogger as you say, there's a lot of wonderful people out here :)

Nick said...

ha ha ha, that place is so lame now, it's ridiculous. I didn't know that was you...hope your question was answered after all of the ignorant interference from the blockheads.

Lost in wonder said...

Blockheads is the perfect word! Yes, you all helped a lot and I'm going to try that thin layer of acrylic.
Thanks a lot for your help Nick and sorry for the mess :)