June 12, 2009


After an afternoon of painting under high temps and a peculiar mix of Katy Perry, Kat-tun and Martina McBride playing on the background I think I've regained confidence, and looking at the lanterns now I think I'm gonna be ok, go figure!

I know the photo is bad, it's night already and I don't have a better light source to take it

It stil has a long way to go but I'm already thinking on calling it yukkuri onegai shimasu because as I painted I found myself repeating in my mind "sloooow Teresa, just go slowly", now that I'm doing my thing and feel in control again I'm finding a lot of new possibilities to this big formats, it gives plenty of room to splatter, gradate, lift... mess around and play, just pay attention to big shapes and make them interesting, even a bad stroke turns itself into a chance for something special rather than an error, somehow it's easier to forget about the subject itself and focus on the shapes. Now I'm sure this is my first attempt at a big piece but won't be the last at all, I can get used to this!

Links to the whole of the WIP: step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4, step 5, step 6, step 7, step 8, step 9, step 10, step 11, step 12, step 13, step 14


RHCarpenter said...

It's looking good, Teresa! Are you going to leave the kanji letters blue? I thought your were going to do them in black but maybe you've changed your mind. You've got me - I have no idea what yukkuri onegai shimasu means - it means go slowly??

Ann Buckner said...

Teresa, you have the right idea, focusing on the shapes, enjoying the process. It is looking very good and it sounds like you are enjoying this painting very much.

Lost in wonder said...

Rhonda they're gonna be black as I planned, I'm just used to put a blue underpainting and go from there everytime I paint black,and yes it means something like slowly please :)

Ann, I'm enjoying it indeed but it's been quite some time since a painting made me think this much.