June 10, 2009

First wash

I've finally started! I was going through a serious case of fear to the blank page but I've laid a first wash of colors so even if it's a little bit shy at least it's not blank anymore, I'll get bolder from now on.

The first wash has been wet on wet and with a few primary colors, it's the way I often begin my paintings so I'm feeling more confident right now, the wash looked like this

and then while taking the picture I noticed I didn't leave any white areas so I went in with a paper towel and lifted some paint in the front of the lanterns since it was still wet enough, trying to get some uneven whites and not being too careful because it's just a first wash, right now it's like this

the lessons up till now are only about materials, nothing I didn't know beforehand though:

1.- I never paint this big so my brushes are not big, this step was made with a hake that I usually use to wet the paper, it worked pretty well, easier than I thought, though I know I won't be able to work as I'm used to with it when I tighten up, so it'll give me the chance to explore different ways of painting out of my comfort zone.

2.- I don't think I'll be able to sit while painting with this one, I can't reach the top! so it'll be standing or turning the paper, will be interesting.

3.- I can't fit a whole sheet in my bath tube! shocking lol, I had to move it and twist it and turn it to get it thoroughly wet, maybe this is a good excuse to look for a house with a swimming pool?

Time to let it dry, this afternoon I'll probably work at it again, YAY for vacation days!

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