June 18, 2009

Second test

This time I've tested how would it work to paint the prints only with watercolors, without masking around them, that's to see if it'll be a good idea to leave them for the last step.

1, 2, 3.- I applied a layer of blue and reds for the base colors.
4.- lifted some lines here and there and blended some of the color out of the kanji, just to see if it looks good
5, 6.- some black added here and there and here and there again :), after taking the photo I splatered some water over it and blotted to see if I could regain some blue dots.

I'm not sure if I like this better or not, it proves that I can still work on the tiny stuff adding enough textures and interest without relying on the masking fluid but:
a) it bleeds 10 times more than my previous test.
b) even if I've managed to work it out I can work much more freely using the masking fluid for these.
c) it's obvious the work's been on dry, that's more layering and less blending, on the other hand I went slower and this time kept more of the blue/red visible.

I'm still going to make a third test, masking around, doing the red/blue base with red acrylic and blue watercolor (yep, I don't have FUB acrylic and it's the color I want to use here no matter what) and using just acrylic for the rest of the layers instead of a mix, let's see if it still bleeds.

I'm hoping as soon as I decide on this the rest of the painting will flow smoother, I'm kind of stuck right now and it should be finished already.

Links to the whole of the WIP: step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4, step 5, step 6, step 7, step 8, step 9, step 10, step 11, step 12, step 13, step 14


RHCarpenter said...

Teresa, I don't see any bleeding of the color here. But even if there is some...wouldn't the kanji writing bleed a tiny bit since it's done by hand? I mean, it looks more artful that way as long as they all don't bleed a lot but just touches here and there won't hurt the overall look at all. I hope you figure it out. You are so determined and so good at working on this!!

Deb Léger said...

Hi Teresa, I like seeing and reading about your experiments like this! This is going to be awesome - you're doing a great job!!!

Ann Buckner said...

I love reading about the steps you are taking with this painting, to ensure you get what you are wanting for it.

Lost in wonder said...

Rhonda, you can't see bleeding because it bled so much that instead taking a photo I hurried to lift it and fix the area lol but it bled an awful lot, it's a problem of the lamp black, I think I can makethe red ones this way without having any problems.

Deb, Ann, hi! good to have my pals watching over me :)