November 14, 2009

Pattern nightmare! another christmas card done

I've finally finished the second Christmas card, it wasn't working at all and I strugled a lot trying to get something acceptable from that bag of gifts that used to be in the lower corner, then Angeles told me that maybe getting rid of the bag and painting the gifts would be better and I think she was right! Of course I had to photoshop it to compose the final piece, maybe I'll post the wip later, when I have time to gather the images.

My only concern about it is that now the gift boxes have much more weight than the deer but that's fine because they are gifts! and they must be colorful and tacky and full of patterns! ok, I added a blue thing to the deer face to redirect the eye back to the upper corner and maintain the eyeflow, just so you know I'm still thinking straight.

Links to the whole Deer WIP: Step 1, Step 2, Step 3.

Oh, and this is the sketch for the fifth card, I'm not sure why I call this mess a sketch at all but it makes sense in my head and just doodled it while I was painting the pile of gifts so I wouldn't forget the idea, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Hint -> sock, teddy, candy:

Links to the whole Teddy WIP: Step 1 (rough), Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5, Step 6.


RHCarpenter said...

Teresa, you did a fantastic job on creating the presents - Angeles had a great idea for this.

Anonymous said...


I was wondering about the gift bag and what was going to happen there well you resolved it very nicely:0)!!

Ann Buckner said...

The gifts work well Teresa - great finish. I have to admit though I liked the bag too. Maybe a thought for the bag if you do another, is to have some gifts sticking out of it. I'm intrigued by your sketch too and like how you made a quick note to yourself by sketching your idea.

Teresa said...

Thanks Rhonda, Paul and Ann, I did like it better like this but still regret not having an original of the complete image, maybe I'll keep playing with the bag in the future.

Ann you are right, it's not that teh bag is a bad idea but having it closed and with that boring shape... Ha! that's why I sya that other's quick sketches look like my finished ones, wonder what my quick sketches can be compared too lol, but as long as they are there to make me remember the idea and then get to draw it they'll be more than enough.