November 5, 2009

Almost finished

Looks like I didn't work on it at all, right? but I was diligently working at the painting table the whole morning, what's happened? simply that I've painted the upper area and lifted it for the second time, then I decided on a different approach because that white/blue/purple spiral looked like weird cotton candy glued up there and I didn't like it, now it looks better IMO.

Now I'll look for an acetate and try the white spiral over this setting and see if I like it better or leave it as it is right now.

Also, lines around the squared shapes, yes or no? Vote now.

3 interesting things about this morning session:
1.- the process white lifts pretty well
2.- the paper took all the abuse of a second lifting perfectly.
3.- Ultramarine violet and Cobalt violet seems to be shy and almost invisible in front of a camera.

During drying time I started on the third card, after all it's been stretched there for 2 days now so why not painting on it? the sketch is light but its a deer (someone pointed at it and said it's an elephant already so I feel like clarifying it and save me further humiliations).

EDIT : I now declare this one finished lol.

Links to the whole Snowman WIP: Step 1, Step 2

Links to the whole Deer WIP: Step 1, Step 2, Step 3.


RHCarpenter said...

He's soooo cute! I think you were right about the spiral...looks better now and I think lifting a stencil of it will work well. I vote no lines around the squares...I like them the way they are :)

Anonymous said...


I like it the way it is I would not add or delete anything as to the lines, none because that would be adding and the snow-person is lacking in no way!!

Teresa said...

Thanks Rhonda and Paul for the votes, the spiral didn't work when I tried it on acetate Rhon so I'm not including it, and since both of you are backing my feeling about the lines I'm calling it finished.

bicho.oscuro said...

Yes!! looks better now. But you know i loved spiral if try why a rainbow one? ;)