November 16, 2009

Yupo, I'll try it in the future for sure

I've been trying to design some visit cards today, thought it would be easier but now it looks like I'm not satisfied with anything.

Then I've looked at my palette and have seen some dry used colors mingled together, that has put an idea in my mind, why not look for some patterns of paints flowing into each other? so instead of cleaning my palette I've taken a sample of yupo I had around and thrown Lamp Black and French Ultramarine Blue all around hoping to get some patterns I can use in the visit cards.

Lesson learned: Yupo is an interesting animal... worths giving it a try.


RHCarpenter said...

We watercolorists just love to see colors blending, melding, creating shapes and granulations and...that's what makes watercolor so much fun!

Teresa said...

Fun indeed! I only put one layer yet was totally uncontrolable LOL, I'm not sure if I can get something out of this paper BUT it'll be fun to try.

BTW I've been trying some croppings for the visit cards, will send them to pals later :)

Sandy Maudlin said...

Try the lamp black with phthalos too. It'll push the phthalos around as it settles under them. Have fun.

Teresa said...

OH sounds like a good idea! I'll try that tomorrow for sure, thanks for the sugestion Sandy!