November 18, 2009

One more christmas card in the making

It's midnight already but I thought I could post the sketch of the 5th card before going to bed, BTW the "stuffed with love" sentence I put there is not going to be part of the illustration, it was floating in my mind while I was quickly sketching it, it gotta be the best sentence in a zombies' game EVER, true, in the actual game you can throw these sweet teddies that say "I'm stuffed with loooooove" and then explode taking down lots of zombies ^____^. I'm sleepy, ok?

There will be only 1 candy bar in the final illustration, I was just checking the best positioning while making the sketch.

Can you see the resemblance with the teddy in my banner? yes, who said I'm not good at portraiture...?

Links to the whole WIP: Step 1 (rough), Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5, Step 6.

BTW, deviantART is giving a discount offer this week, 30% off any greeting card until friday, so if you're interested pay a visit there, it would be great if you'd check my store if you see something you like, these are the greetings in it, click on the image to get redirected there:

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