May 7, 2009

War of Opaques progress

Do you know when you are in the middle of a wash and the doorbell rings and you think "damn!"? Well, DAMN!!! and right after that The Hideous Turquoise Background of Doom happened, O_o

Somehow after the swatch I thought that it wouldn't harm to use turquoise in the background, it hasn't worked as planned, hmmm... will have to think how to fix that area.

Other than that I'm having lots of fun using opaques and mingling them with transparents, so far in this first painting it's going to be cad orange, naples yellow, something turquoise light, manganese blue nova and lamp black as my opaques, I'm loving them so far, you can get nice texture, the paint flows nicely and it's easy to control, no more fear to use strokes with LOTS of pigment, surprisingly they don't overpower other colors while mixing on the paper nor they get overpowered by others, they cover anything nicely and it's easy to build up volume with lights/darks = nice!, they make the transparent next to them glow, they dry darker than I expected though but that's not necesarily a bad thing IMO.

So far I've only find 2 cons on the colors I'm using:
1.- I use to layer yellow over the oranges I have to make them glow and it's a thing that doesn't work over opaque cad orange, it was easy to imagine but I had to try anyway (always wishful thinking)
1.- The turquoise, pretty color, nasty pigment to lift, grrrrrrr.... and I've been spraying water over my pics for years getting pretty textures but it hasn't worked AT ALL with that turquoise, my fault or the pigment's? I don't know yet.

Links to the whole WIP: step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4


RHCarpenter said...

I don't see a single negative thing about this so far! Love it!!! I'm glad you're enjoying the opaques - I found they are very nice for water so looking forward to seeing some rainbow colors and white soapy look to those bubbles later :)

Ann Buckner said...

How delightful, Teresa. I love the orange and like Rhonda, looking forward to seeing you work in the bubbles.

Lost in wonder said...

Thanks girls, I'm working on the nose right now, after the cobalt turquoise blue thing I think I want to finish Ernie first since I fell more comfortable with him than the background.