May 21, 2009

Lunch with daddy

That's it, or maybe not, for now I'll call it done but maybe I'll revisit it in the future because I'm not that happy with it right now, but since it's gone a long way already I'll let it rest for a bit.

The scanner has done something with the contrast, it screams a bit, anyway this is it

So after looking at it for quite some time the analysis comes to this:

- The center of interest: the bug, it does grab the eye so one minipoint for it BUT it grabs it and doesn't let it go anymore, yikes! I've gone too bold and that should be the thing to fix if I revisit this pic.
- Unity: After the addition of Raw Sienna and some Quin. Burn Scarlet toad and the greenery are better binded, the con is that the blue irises are not working after all, funny that I chose blue on purpose for contrast, it seemed a good choice when the greenery was going to be blue/green instead of yellow/green.
- Eye Flow : Other than the strong contrast between the bug and the rest I'm happy with the movement of the composition, is much more dynamic than the original concept. The upper part is kind of a dead area right now, I added it to give some room to the action but maybe it's cropable.
- Values : The kid, I love her in her own but she has so light values compared to the toad that she looks a bit washed out, I don't even wanna try to compare her values to the bug's 'cos they're in completely different leagues.
- Colors : I wasn't going for a realistic look at all so I chose colors that could work in a cartoonish image or rather I indulged myself using colors that I don't usually use but that make me happy (I'm looking at you Spring green ^^), then I tightened up as I usually do and ended up having to go for classic colors to "fix" the unity, a pity, but I'm still happy with the spring green :)
- Opaque white : my new best friend, I didn't need to use it at all here, yet I found myself adding extra blue in the bug's wings and sweat just to be able to put some opaque white there, note to self --- YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THAT!

It's been a long way baby :

Links to the whole WIP: step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4, step 5, step 6


RHCarpenter said...

YAY! You finished it :) I love this little froggie-girl-thingy :) and her big daddy. I'm thinking that meal is going to be awfully big to swallow but, hey, more power to her for trying. You're right about the blue now but you could blue the bug's wings more to tie it in and you can crop the top down to the tip of the right flower, too, making the action right in your face. I would like to see some of the orange/burnt sienna lifted and drop in some of that spring green in places on daddy? Maybe? Just a thought...oh, and BTW, you are being WAY too hard on yourself!

Lost in wonder said...

And that's why nature is wiser than me and humans didn't get sticky tongues or else we'd be hitting our faces with loads of yummy food bigger than our mouths :P

Thanks for the advices Rhonda, I'll sure will retouch this one in the future and will incorporate some of those, and BTW it's not that I'm hard on myself, I know the good points too but to me there's more to learn about in the bad ones, next time I'll be sure to point at both good and bad :)