April 11, 2009

once more, with feeling

And another day goes by, I haven't had much time to paint today but I managed to put some more brush to paper, for a moment I thought that having 4 free days during Easter I would be able to finish this one but obviously I won't, though I hope to work on it more time tomorrow, or maybe I'll just cook some torrijas, or even better, eat some of them!

Current stage, looking at the thumb of the previous stage it seemed to be a problem with the straight green line formed at the greenery on the righ, I've tried to fix it but I think the change is not really working, quite the contrary, the other thing that's bothering me is a problem with the drawing of the mouth of daddy, I'll try to fix it soon too.

Links to the whole WIP: step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4, step 5, step 6