February 7, 2013

Digital vs. Traditional?

I’ve been ill for over a week guys.  

Have you ever been ill but feeling well enough to get to the painting table just to discover the little nuisances of it all? It can be so frustrating!

That pencil stroke running in the wrong direction thanks to a coughing fit. Or the paint from your brush splattered all over the paper because of a sudden sneeze. How about the brush falling from your hand and rolling over your paper? Believe me, NOT FUN.

At some point I decided to redirect all my creative efforts towards digital, which I seldom do.

The result has been a bunch of new icons, some textures to tweak future images (couldn’t let those splatters go to waste, now could I?) and a couple of little pics for the web.

Like this little ID card, it’s so much fun grabbing scanned images, some stock, a bunch of fonts and unused sketches, throw them all together, stir while it boils and see what comes out of it!

I guess I just need to fangirl for a little bit over the chance of having one art medium that’s not messy when you need it, one that allows as much flexibility as any other traditional medium, one that lets you UNDO the unwanted stray stroke that you make when you cough.

Or maybe the point of this post is simply to acknowledge that digital and traditional are two sides of the same coin, that it doesn’t need to be one OR the other, but both complementing each other. Whatever works, right?


RH Carpenter said...

So sorry you have been ill and hope you are much better now! I love the idea of putting your messes and splatters and fonts to another purpose - and, yes, I've dropped a round brush and had it roll over a part I didn't want painted! UGH!!! Can't make myself create when I'm sick, though, so that was just due to clumsiness on my part :) Take care!!!

irinapictures said...

I hope you are getting well now. I am a defender of traditional. I can feel the person, energy behind drawn items. And I feel nothing when look at the digital creatures. But it is just me, my attitude is not a rule at all.

Pat said...

Oh no! Sorry you've not been well, my friend *hugs*
I'm surprised you even tried to create when sick. Your little digital should have shown Superwoman :) xx

Crystal Cook said...

As someone who knows absolutely nothing about digital art I have to say that I found your post very interesting. :) And I hope that by now you are feeling much better!! I also LOOOOOVE your little id badge. Whimsicality is my new favorite word.:)

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Thank you guys for the well wishes, this week I'm back!

Rhonda those stupid brushes and their stupid round shapes! ha ha!

Irina, I favor traditional too but I appreciate both, in my eyes digital is just one more medium, it's amazing what some people can do with it.

Pat, my superwoman is probably sitting on the floor somewhere wraped in a blanket, munching on a cookie while reading something :P

Whimsicality is such a fair noun Crystal, it doesn't get enough attention! :)