January 30, 2013

Every Time I Paint a Portrait I Lose a Friend

Wasn’t it Sargent who said that? Well why nobody asked Mr. Sargent what happens when it’s a self portrait? I’ve found out, it’s horrible to give yourself the silent treatment, but you do!

It’s quite interesting how easy it is making a self portrait just for yourself and how difficult it is to do it to show it to others, the reason is quite simple, you just want to look GOOD – yes I’m hearing Darren Hayes singing Ego inside my head, shut up Darren! – After some failed attempts it turns out that only I can look like me... and that’s a good thing! Ha! go figure.

It is what it is and I think this one is truly me, not just physically, and that’s the goal, rocking my American Retro T-shirt, comfy socks, my beloved Escoda in hand and a big smile plastered on my face, and hopefully sending those vibes to you, C’mon you know what I’m talking about.

And yes, it doesn’t hurt that the “engaging” and “dynamic” angle hides any fat that might or might not be down there ha-ha! after all I want to start talking to myself again as soon as possible!

Have you painted a selfportrait? I want to see them! Point me in the right direction and please tell me you’ve gone through the same narcissistic mini crisis.


Sadami said...

Hi, Teresa,
This self-portrait looks so nice! Very good angle, too. I like it! Ahahaha, what a wonderful say-back to Sargent!! You know I do self-portrait. Yes, one day, we'll enjoy showing each other. Or sketching each other?! Take care and enjoy drawing.
Cheers, Sadami

RH Carpenter said...

Wow! Very good, very original, and very much you!!!

Unknown said...

Cool stuff! :) Yes I did a self portrait, (just in pencil) and had a mini melt down analysing everything! lol I did it from the mirror and I was concentrating so hard I looked like I was sucking on lemons!

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Sadami I remeber your previous avatar was a selfportrait, right? and the previous one too?

Thank you Rhonda, you know me VERY well so it means a lot! And now I know what you went through when you painted me lol, love ya!

Sarah LOL now I want to see that portrait no matter what, point me in the right way girl!

Crystal Cook said...

This is the most awesome self portrait ever. This is YOU Teresa!! I love it! And yes I have had the same feelings myself. I've been thinking about embarking on a series of figure paintings using myself as a model, not because I want to paint myself (because um totally no I don't) but because I know what pose I want and I don't have to try and tell someone else how to do it you know??? Good models are hard to find. So consider yourself lucky that you have such a good one even if it is yourself. ;)

Ann Buckner said...

Am amazed by your work, Teresa! Innovative and fun!

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

So true Crystal, modeling for yourself is a great experience. I do hope you get some spare time and do that series of figure paintings, it should be quite interesting

Ann, thank you! are you painting this week?