September 20, 2012

Sketching sketching sketching

Today warm up session has been devoted to self portraits, whaaaaat?!

Want a self portrait for the web so I'm just playing with some ideas lately, this is one of them.

Ok, so it doesn't seem to be going anywhere as it is right now BUT it's been fun, and a needed milestone, maybe it evolves into something that worth further development or maybe not, but either way it needed to be out and done to jump to the next one.

That's the brilliancy of quick sketches, you can try tons and discard tons and let the milestones guide you in the right way.

I used to get engrossed for weeks into drawings that might or might not work. These warm ups have burnt something in my brain, brainstorming works, rough and quick works.

I'm finally allowing myself to embrace the "just do it" "doesn't need to be pretty" motto and encourage you all to do it too.

Go draw something!


Pat said...

Absolutely works! Good for you for doing it. xx

Crystal Cook said...

I really think if we could just get past 'ourselves' we'd be much better artists! Why do we think everything needs to be perfect. Argh. Yes just do it and it will be wonderful. These sketches are fabulous so far. :))

RH Carpenter said...

Good job, just doing it without criticizing so much each thing - let each be it's own thing and roll with it :) Looking forward to your self portrait!

Andy said...

Ooh - a tantalising glimpse of the artist herself! Very much looking forward to the finished product. I have tried one self-portrait in my life and that was a long time ago. Perhaps I should follow suit... :)

ben said...

Awesome, Tere! You are inspiring me!

Sharon Whitley said...

Definitely my philosophy too!

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

And this is just the begining Pat!

Crystal that little voice asking for perfection is always there, isn't it? gotta gag it, knock it out and push it deep inside the wardrobe :)

Rhonda careful what you wish for hahaha!

Andy try again! I guarantee you'll be the easier model and worst client you're ever gonna get, but it's a fun ride for sure ;)

Ben, can't wait to see some new awesomeness from you <3

Sharon, it is a good philosophy, isn't it? *I hope so*

Renato Prado said...

Muito bom..Adoro esse tipo de arte!!!Parabéns..Bom também faço alguns trabalhos, esse é meu blog caso queira dar uma olhada
Renato Prado

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Thank you Renato. I've been to your blog and love your works too.