May 20, 2010

Time to resume the door front painting

I know, I know! I haven't been painting much these past couple of months, baaad me!

So now it's time to finish the detail of the romanesque entrance, it's taking forever to be done, and at this point it's already taken control and I'm just following, struggling won't do any good to it at all, right?

This is how it looks right now, some of the paint is still wet but the overall idea of how dark the darks are going to be is already clear:

Thoughts to have in mind during the next painting sessions:

- Don't loose the highlights! it's being so easy to add too much of those siennas while building the texture.

- Check if there's some masking fluid on the area you're going to paint next, it's not viewable at all and I'm not sure if I want it in all the places I put it at first seeing the big value leap I'm getting in those shaded areas, so it's time to TOUCH before adding paint.

- Don't get lost in the texture! It's the global look the one that has to look good, don't fall in love with the brushwork, don't go overboard and make it busy all over the place! I can see already how and where I'll have to dull and tame some areas and it's going to be a difficult step for me, I'm not the best at editing.

Here are some close ups to some of the areas that are more developed right now, click on them if you want to see them big:

Links to the whole WIP: Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5


Ann Buckner said...

Coming along fantastic! I'm excited to see you painting. :)

debwardart said...

You may not paint often but you paint BEAUTIFULLY!!!

Teresa said...

Thanks girls, feels good to be painting again :)

Carrie H. said...

This is really going to be a great painting. I think you are getting near the finish!

Teresa said...

I sure hope it'll be finished soon Carrie