February 18, 2010

Half the fun is making a mess

So they say. how much fun is throwing paint all over the place? :D
Time to get the spray bottle out and keep on playing


Links to the whole WIP: Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5


Paul Kasmir said...


How is this coming along? and you are correct I also think more then half the fun is making a mess, I should take a picture around my desk one of these days the wall around the edge of my desk is covered in a myriad of colors. LOL

Keep us posted love to see how this progresses.

I messed up my previous post some how?
Sorry :0(


Teresa said...

Ha! I'd love to see that desk :D they are supoused to look like that, aren't they?

Don't worry about the post, it doesn't exist anymore ;)

Deb Léger said...

Teresa, I absolutely LOVE your latest painting! It's going to be as amazing as all your work. Yuppers, making a mess is lots of fun - kind of brings out the kid in you, doesn't it?

Teresa said...

Deb, making a mess is definitely The Best!!! even though the walls of my painting corner don't agree lol, I'm glad I didn't paint the this summer, they are already splattered with blues and reds here and there :D