February 25, 2010

Thoughts on Daniel Smith's Genuine Lapislazuli watercolor pigment

This is a color that has been for a long time among my paints yet I haven't really used it in a painting until now, mainly because I don't use many granulating pigments.

I was ready to use it as one of the main colors for my current painting, have done so and these are some of my thoughts about Lapislazuli now that I've had the chance to experiment a bit more with it:

- It granulates beautifully, and a lot, probably it's the most granulating pigment I've tried.

- The color itself is gorgeous, a subtle muted blue.

- Surprisingly it doesn't lift too much when you remove masking fluid previously applied over it.

- It feels grainy to the brush and gummy, the gummiest paint I've ever tried, not only when you take it off the tube but even after mixing it with water, even when you put it on the paper.

- It stays where you put it, even more than other granulating colors, not an easy pigment to move around and fade to white.

- Its darker value is a mid value.

- Very easy to lift when you add another layer over it.

- Backruns easily and beautifully, nice for texture.

There are some pros and a lot of cons about this pigment in my opinion, at least when you paint the way I paint.

So after using it here and there I've decided to substitute it with a different blue for the main areas and leaving Lapis as a secodary color for extra touches.


RHCarpenter said...

Looks good, Teresa, but it's always hard to try a new color on a new painting you want to be perfect! I'd think Caput Mortuum Violet (which I no longer have) is the grainiest pigment I've tried - it felt scratchy on the paper. I imagine because these pigments like lapiz are really ground gemstones?? I still may try lapiz because of you!

Sandy Maudlin said...

What a great run down of how paint behaves. VERY helpful. Thank you:-)

debwardart said...

Thanks Teresa - I have it but have never used it! Now when I do, I'll know what to expect.

Deb Léger said...

Hi Teresa! Hope you're feeling better. I was going to put this in my next DS order but after reading your comments on it, I think I'll pass. Thanks for posting on it!

RHCarpenter said...

Funny, Deb won't buy it because of what you said and I will because of what you said - maybe we already had our minds made up beforehand? ha ha I've given you the Sunshine Award over at my blog - see today's post if you want to participate :) Your blog is like sunshine to me!

Teresa said...

There are a lot of differences between Caput and lapis Rhonda, mainly caput flows better into other colors, and as for the grain, not sure of this is the best comparison but if paints grain like Caput and Oxide Chromium feel a lot like sand grain, lapis feel a lot like cristal grain, thought it's not that obvious over the paper than dabing on the palette, probably the amount of gum helps to cover that feeling.
I do think you may like it and definitelly be able to take advantadge of its properties since you knows really well how to handle granulating pigments, plus it's blue lol. But I guess it's too expensive for a color that could be easily matched with a cobalt.
BTW I'll go to see your blog and see what the Sunshine Award is about but so far just the name is making me like it :) you're awesome, thank you very much, you are like sunshine too!

Glad you found the info interesting Sandy, I bet it's a pigment you'd tame easily.

Deb, if you already have it you should play with it a bit, I'm curious about other's thoughts about it, not my thing but in the right hands I guess it could make wonders, still quite expensive for the little advantages over other blues out in the market IMO.

Deb (the canadian one), you paint more like me than Rhonda so I guess you'll not love this one, but I can send you a sample so you can try it and decide if it worths ordering a tube, what do you think? (same for you Rhon)

Nick said...

I started having more success when I realized the actual result could be better than what I visualized in my mind....if I let it!

Teresa said...

Nick, you always have a helping word of wisdom!
I try to let it do its thing and just follow but it's so difficult to do it sometimes, that won't stop me from trying though :)