September 8, 2014

Leaves for Chloe e-book cover

Meet Chloe!

She is Anna's best friend, she's also the main character of Pat Elliott's novel Leaves for Chloe, and once again I've had the opportunity to bring her to life for the e-book cover.

Portraying Chloe has been such a different experience compared to Anna. By the time I started working on Chloe I had read the first novel, so this chick wasn't a brief but someone I already knew.

It's been a super fun project, drawing outfits, laughing with Pat, turning dogs into lambs and into dogs again... I would have liked to park a trike somewhere in there, but she has high heeled boots in the country so I regret nothing!

Leaves for Chloe will be available for purchase by the end of November, you'll be able to get updates on the dates and selling platforms in Pat Elliott's web page or her Twitter feed.

A tea-leaf reading.

A prediction of turmoil, two men fighting over her and a house move.

Can your future really be told in a cup?

Chloe is feeling down in the dumps. Her best friend got married, her new boyfriend lives at the other end of the country and her ex won't leave her alone. Can she ever have a settled love life?

She has her fortune told, hoping to find some clues to her future.

Her tea cup reading promises a mixed future, with despair, love, new friends and two men fighting for her love. 

Only when Chloe finds her true self will the future be the happy one she longs for.

Join Chloe as misery strikes, hope returns and the battle for happiness begins.


RH Carpenter said...

Two book covers! Congratulations, Teresa!

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Thanks Rhonda!

Ann Buckner said...

Teresa, she looks great. I love your work and how fresh it is. I know Pat is thrilled.