February 20, 2013


This is a little thing I've been working in small slots of time, on the side of other works.

It feels good to paint something without other purpose than relaxing and enjoy the flow of paint on the paper.

Since this little fellow has been guarding my conte pencils for quite some time now, I decided he deserved an homage.

I got rid of his stray eyes. Not sure why. They give him this disturbed look that oddly enough, grows on you after a while. Might do a second version just to include them!


RH Carpenter said...

Looks like a little bunny with a headache from all those pencils sticking in his head! ha ha Very cute, very well painted :)

Crystal Cook said...

I like Rhonda's comment. LOL! You really did a fantastic job with this piece Teresa. I love the shine on the mug. It's awesome.

My computer's having problems so I'm going to try and quickly answer your question here until I have more access to my email. I use Prismacolor pencils, and they are very waxy. They have such a nice buttery feel, I really love them. I used Derwent too but they were so grainy I hated them.

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Ha! that explains a lot Rhonda XD

Thanks for the info Crystal, I was hoping it can never be something easier to get on this side of the ocean, I guess an overseas order is the near future :)

Unknown said...

Holy smokes. That's all flavours of amazing, Teresa. Love it!