December 13, 2010

Wanna make a good deed?

Some of you might know already that Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson has been making anything and everything since last september to help her dear childhood friend Cherie Stannard, since she explains it much better than I could ever do I'm shamelessly stealing part of her blog posts so you can get the idea of what this family is going through:

"Cherie is my life-long friend of 42 who rolled her Jeep in September and suffered a spinal cord injury. Cherie is currently in rehab in Atlanta and when she comes home, her brother and sister have to adapt a home and provide 24-hour care for her as she is paralyzed from the shoulders down."

One of Elizabeth many efforts has been putting together an art book full of donated works, you can see a preview of the whole book here and maybe if you like it you'll consider purchasing your own copy, $12 of each copy go to Cherie, the rest are producing costs, Blurb will take $10 off orders until Dec 31th if you use one of these codes depending on your currency: USD$: CHEER , GBP£: CHEER1 , EUR€: CHEER2 , CAD$: CHEER3 , AUD$: CHEER4

Just one last thing, maybe you don't like the book, or you don't want one more art book right now, or simply don't have enough to spare from this month already tight budget, if that's the case and you still want to help Cherie you can visit Cherie's fund raising web page where you can make direct donations anytime to the Cherie Ann Stannard Special Needs Trust, or simply spread the word! Every little bit helps.

Now it's time to go back to the painting table, the second batch of illustrations is already on the making and the first one is ready to be mailed!


Sadami said...

Dear Teresa,
Good on your participating on the book(*I found your work in it).
Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson and Cherie's friendship is lovely. I sincerely hope Cherie will get well and cope with the difficulties in the future.
Best wishes, Sadami

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

It takes too little to help in one way or another and it means so much to a family that really need all the help they can get, ain't that what life's about?
Hope you're having a great time dear, christmas is around the corner!

Crystal Cook said...

Teresa what a wonderful thing to post. I wish all the best for Elizabeth and will go check it out right away. :)

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

That'll be great Crystal, thanks!