December 9, 2010


It's past midnight, I've been painting for 6 hours straight, my thumb hurts like crazy and right now I'm pondering either pushing it for another hour to finish all the backgrounds and remove the masking, wait for tomorrow hoping that nothing goes worse, or simply throw them all to the paper bin right now.

A couple of hours ago I realized I wouldn't be able to finish them all today so instead of finishing the last step on 3 of them I just jumped into painting the details of one and check how it'd look completely finished, so I finished the background and removed the masking fluid, and IT HAS STAINED THE PAPER, dear Universe, seriously??? C'mon!!!

I'm so frustrated right now! all that work freehand masking them all, doing my best to have straight lines without any pencil in there, just to avoid exactly this! argh!! Of course this has to happen when I'm painting several pieces at one time, why waste one hour of work when I can waste 6, right? And I don't even want to start thinking on what I'm going to do to save those edges in the next batch.

I'm trying to find something positive to share about this experience but I'm at a loss, maybe that now I know how not to use this masking fluid? Maybe that there's no shame in sharing the failures? "that'll show you, Teresa. no pain no gain!" :(

Sorry for the tantrum, I'll turn off the rant mode right now. I better go to sleep and maybe tomorrow, with fresh eyes, I'll be able to see this with a positive attitude.


Sadami said...

Dear Teresa,
So sorry to hear your frustratons and struggle did not achieve what you had expected.
I try not to use masking tapes and liquid, because I did not feel comfortable with its dreadfully blank, a tricky edge, furthermore, blending-in was more concern for me. Above all, peeling off sometimes made a mess. If I use, not tapes, but liquid at the early stage of painting.
Dear, take a good sleep. Please take a rest well. We're waiting for your lovely smile;).
Best regards, Sadami

Pat said...

Had that happen once to me with the yellowish masking - its a nightmare, so I do feel for you xx

debwardart said...

Don't know what brand you used, but I've found that any of the white masking fluid is awful - it goes bad quickly (if you buy white and it turns yellow-ish - throw it out!!!) I prefer Pebeo, which I have to order, but well worth the time and effort. Maybe you can use some acrylic to cover it up?? Unfortunately, seems that this is one art lesson all watercolorists have to learn - the hard way.

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Sadami I'm feeling much better about it today, I dreamt about solutions! or maybe I couldn't sleep very well becasue my mind was looking for solutions on its own? :)

Pat, thanks for the support! it is a nightmare indeed

Deb, I've tried with white gouache on one but now that you mention it acrylic should work better, thanks! and bad come to worst I'll just put masking fluid on the remaining white areas and turn it all yellowish, who knows, maybe it'd work :P I've used Pebeo before but last time I placed an order they hadn't the small ones and I got this one "Incredible White Mask" that has worked great indeed until now, next time I'll go back to Pebeo without doubt. How many more times will I have to learn this lesson the hard way? because it's been quite a few already :)

Oh well, you have to go though these or else you'd miss the excitement and start to get comfortable, right? Thank you all for the support girls.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is horrible Tere. Man that sucks!

Ann Buckner said...

What a bummer, Teresa. Can you try removing one small area with alcohol to see if that would work? I don't suppose you have the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers in Spain? That might work should it happen again.

RHCarpenter said...

You are allowed to rant, and cry over this one, Teresa. Perhaps using some pro-white or something similar would work...or even something with a thickness to it so you have a 3D outline? Just throwing out suggestions, here.

Anonymous said...

Off topic:

Have you seen this blog?

I spent the morning drooling.

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

I sure can get the mr clean magic eraser Ann, have you tried it on paper? I'm using fabriano SP for these, won't it harm the paper? maybe it worths a try

Rhonda I think I'll go with something white to try to hide it underneath

Ben I hadn't seen that blog, the name and that last pic sounds familiar but never even stumbled over his blog. Man I'm going to blame on you all the time I'll spend drooling on that blog instead of painting :D keep these gems comming!

Crystal Cook said...

Oh Teresa, that really and truly sucks. Yikes. I feel for you. :( And yes, there is never any shame in sharing failure. I think we should probably do more of that. Good luck with the next batch!

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Thanks Crystal! Already working on the second batch *fingers crossed*