December 22, 2010

Christmas ramblings

When I woke up this morning I was complaining in my mind about the horrible rainy dark cold and early morning I'd have to face and how I should just rebel against the world by staying in bed warm and cozy under the duvet, then I thought that hey, christmas lottery day should have a sweet surprise for me so it wouldn't be that bad to get up and moving.

I didn't win the Christmas national lottery today. I honestly thought I should be one of the winners this year but alas, Lady Luck messed it up again and got lost somewhere in the way. Yet this morning - while it was still dark and the sky filled with stars and a fantabulous full moon hidden somewhere behind those rainy clouds - I was feeling like running, dancing and jumping to the rhythm of Katrina and the Waves' "Walking on Sunshine" in my way to the subway. So I guess it's been a good day after all, right? That's the interesting thing about days, that they let you see how relative good and bad can be.

I've been thinking about my 2010 and pondering all that's happened and all that hasn't, trying to see things in perspective, how good has "good" been and how bad has "bad" been and how much they've mingled and changed coats or how much they've been totally apart from each other and true to themselves.

While doing all that thinking I've spent the last couple of weeks painting like crazy these little tokens of appreciation, I only have these 2 to show, the first and the last, the ones who haven't carried messages to so many special people yet, the ones that will carry it for you, I've loved to chat, laugh, rant and drool with you so far, I've had the chance to tighten bonds with dear old friends, met some new and enjoy lots of art, anecdotes and insight. I hope to be able to walk through this road with you all in the year to come, with the occasional stop for bed and breakfast?

Is this a Merry Christmas post? Yes it is, bear with me and my ramblings for this one, pretty please? And forgive me for not fixing that scanned crazy red but I wasn't in the mood, after all I haven't won the lottery today, remember? Now go and have fun!


Irina said...

These cards are lovely!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!
Once I won the quick lottery, the sum of the prize was enough to buy another lottery ticket, which did not repeat that success)
I am so glad to be friends.

RHCarpenter said...

All of your cards are fantastic, Teresa! May the lottery be in your heart all year - shining, creating wonderful opportunities for you. I have a feeling about 2011 and think it's going to be your year!!! I am honored to be your friend :)

Sadami said...

Dear Teresa,
Your paintings are so cute and beautiful. Colors are outstanding and snows in wet-in-wet are wonderful. I'm learning from you.
Although we have shine or rain, ultimately, up to us how we feel it. If I'm down, I share it with my dear friends. Teresa, I'm with you. Spin out your feelings on this blog. I certainly read it and respond.
Love and smile, Sadami

debwardart said...

Everything in life is relative, Teresa. Sometimes when we are down all we need to do is sit quietly and go over all the good and bad in our lives, and we will realize that the bad isn't so bad after all and the good is better than we thought!
Your paintings are so whimsical, creative and adorable - you have great talent! Hope you have good holidays, and a wonderful and prosperous 2011!

Pat said...

Your paintings could brighten up any dark day. In that you are truly blessed! xx

ironhenry said...

You are such a great person Teresa. Nothing could keep you down for long. To my fantastic friend across the sea, I wish for you the very best of times in the coming new year. Merry Christmas Tere!

Oh man those little watercolors are super cute! Great job!

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Irina, that sounds so familiar LOL.

Yes Rhonda, it'll be in my heart since it refuses to go to my pocket! the honor is all mine sweetie, you're such an amazing example to me (even if you happen to want to sign my paintings from time to time, yes, I heard of that you mischievous little thing!)

Thanks Sadami, you're always so positive! love and smiles back at you :)

You're so right Deb, hope you have a wonderful christmas and new year too!

Pat, that's so sweet, thank you!

Ben I'm so grateful for having you there! you always know how to lift my spirits, nothing can keep me down for long? lol except for each new year on my shoulders and maybe this big but? ;) We gotta rock 2011 man, meanwhile have a wonderful christmas with your family and enjoy the festivities *huuuugs*

Crystal Cook said...

A very Merry Christmas to you Teresa! I love those cards too!! So fun and whismicial. :) And I have SO enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to even more of it in the year to come!

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

I'm so glad of having met you online Crystal, lets share many exciting moments during 2011 too!

Tim Robinson said...

The cards look great!

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Glad you liked them Tim :D