November 4, 2009

Another christmas card

Time for a different approach to this year cards, I didn't manage to finish this one yesterday as expected BUT I'm happy I made the decision to stop, I came to that point when you want to rush and you know it's better to stop for a while but I didn't ^_^ so I ended up with quite a mess in the upper area and lifted it right after, THEN decided to stop.

So today I think I'll play with it in Photoshop for a while and decide what I need to do up there before wetting my brushes again. Also... do I want to keep it pure watercolor or going mixed media?

Lesson learned: No matter how much you think you hate granulating paints when you're layering over them, as soon as you need to lift a messed area the love is back!

EDIT: A little tweak in photoshop, fun if not refined hehehe. My options now: going dark inside those whites, not going dark, more subtle spyral as in the sketch, using process white, saving it with masking fluid... I'm going to have fun with this one!

Links to the whole WIP: Step 1, Step 2


bicho.oscuro said...

Ooooo nice composition!!

Teresa said...

EEEEEEEEE! Glad you liked it sweetheart :) more to come

Irina said...

I am waiting for "to be continued". Good luck! And thank you for your attention and your comment in my blog, I so much appreciate.

RHCarpenter said...

Love your mind!!

Teresa said...

I'll finish it soon Irina, want to have all the christmas cards finished by the next week.

LOL Rhonda! ^______^