October 21, 2009

This post is about memememe! and 7 awesome bloggers

Paul Kasmir surprised me with the Kreativ Blogger award, now it's mineminemine and you can't take it back Paul! nah, just kidding, you've made me a happy lady for sure and honoring the KV rules here come the 7 facts about me, completely random, I know:

1.- I'm obsessed with anything asian, I have a soft spot for zombies too, so a Jiang Shi should be the perfect halloween costume, right?

2.- My feet are huge, truely hobbit feet, I hate shoe shopping because I can't stand to keep on getting off whatever I'm wearing to try shoes that I like but that just won't fit, once and again and again and again...

3.- Coke Zero addict, yes.

4.- My full first name is Maria Teresa, long loooong time ago my art teacher at school used to call me Maite and I hated it, Maritere won't do either. Teresa or Tere are love ♥

5.- I use to give names to my techstuff, the TereDell, the TerePod, the TereTera... the only 3 that didn't get my own name as a part of theirs were 3 old hard drives called "fluffy", "gordito" and "atún", the later 2 honoring my favourite sentence from Lilo & Stitch.

6.- My grandfather is still the only one who I trust with my deepest worries and pains, he's been dead for over 20 years now.

7.- My shelf is full of unread or just half read languaje methods, one of these days I'll put them to good use and become multilingual, YAY!

How was that? ^_^

Now the good part, seven awesome artists and bloggers that I happen to stalk:

Andy Smith
Deb Léger
Gina Hall
Latasha Moore
Michelle Himes
Mª Jose Barrera
Irina Rekhviashvili

Among those blogs you'll find plenty of works in progress, sketches, exercises, watercolors, illustrations, colorCOLORCOLOR, art talk, people from all over the world, one of my best online friends, and the only one artist that I've commisioned up to date.

My part is done, now do yours and check those awesome 7 artists blogs, they well deserve the award


Mª José Barrera Garrido said...

Muchas gracias por elegir mi blog de apuntes y bocetos para esta mención, para mi es un honor.
Yo también descubrí tu blog hace poco y me fascinó, está lleno buenas obras, interesantes apuntes y didácticos pasos a pasos.
En cuanto tenga un ratito me pongo a pensar en esas 7 cosas sobre mi y en esos 7 blogs.
Un saludo: Mª José Barrera

Anonymous said...


Your post made me laugh, and I would never take it back you have earned it,:0)

Nice to know that it made you happy though, and thanks for the seven things about you, nice to "know" you a little better.

Take Care and looking forward to your next painting and or post.


Latasha M. Moore said...

Interesting. Ok. I don't know Seven People. So I will try and do as many as I know!

Teresa said...

Un placer Mº José, me encanta leer tus blogs. Será estupendo conocerte un poquito mejor leyendo esas 7 cosas sobre ti

Paul, secretly that's what I love about this, getting to know better some of the people I met online, hugs!

Tasha don't worry, as I said it's not mandatory at all, no stress, though I'll love to hear 7 things about you and get to know you better :)

Irina said...

Hi Teresa,
Thank you for choosing me, it was a pleasure to get the award specially on my birthdate :-)) very difficult to choose 7 of so many great artists!

Teresa said...

My pleasure, happy belated birthday BTW!

RHCarpenter said...

Congratulations, Teresa! Now I'm wishing I had named you - it's so hard to choose just 7 people! But you know I adore your work so there :)

Teresa said...

LOL I know :) I didn't nominated you nor Ann either because I saw you had it already, I'm always late I know!

Michelle Himes said...

Thank you for choosing me for this award, Teresa. I was away in Oklahoma when you emailed me about it, and after I came home I forgot all about it. I will try to get something together, but I've done this award type of thing a couple of times before, and I don't know if I can come up with 7 people that I haven't used before - not to mention 7 more interesting things about me. Let me think about it some.

Michelle Himes said...

P.S. I just LOVE your banner with the teddy bear looking up into the sky. :-)

Teresa said...

Don't worry Michelle, it's not mandatory lol!

The banner is part of a painting I dod some years ago of a teddy with a teddy looking at the moon: here's the complete version:
lost in wonder at deviantART

Sadami said...

Dear Teresa,
Oh, you're soooo cute and lovely. I really like who you are!--a mixture of contrasts and extremes that attract others. Maria Magdalena de Cecilia--is my Christian name. I understand your pain in the name?!
Keep up your blog and work. I really look forward to a next post.
Kind regards, Sadami

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Ah Sadami, I love your personality too, we might be kindred spirits in a way, playful and childs forever at heart, also the names... what!?!?! Sadami sounds so cute, why turn it into Maria Magdalena de Cecilia? well, at least we can choose a lot of different combinations if needed heeheehee!
Cheers :)