October 9, 2009

More beaches

I was going through my portfolios today and this beach crossed my path, it was the first time I tried Holbein's paints and I've been in love with them ever since, it was fun to paint and is the kind of painting that has grown on me after some time.

Have you had a walk by the beach today? Have you dip your feet in the water and got them covered by the thin sand? Have you smelt the salt in the breeze? I wish I had.


RHCarpenter said...

Love the vibrant, delicious yummy colors, Teresa, and how well you did the reflections. This looks like a painting of those famous rocks in Oregon everyone paints - but you've added your own touches and it glows. Yes, I wish I was there with my feet in the sand and the water washing over them, tickling me as I watch the waves roll in.

Teresa said...

We both Rhonda, I could do with some waves playing with my feet right now.

Remeber when we did this during the year of painting? good memories from good times, right? It's supoused to be Cannon Beach, is that Oregon?

Paul Kasmir said...


You need to put up more work from your portfolio, I love the relections, SUperB!!

As to the beach my in-laws live near the beach (Dewey Delaware)I get to dip my toes in the water even in winter when we visit.

Deb Léger said...

Beautiful, Teresa! Yes, you need to set up a website and show more of your gorgeous work!! I love your colour choices in this and those reflections - wow!

Andy Smith said...

Oh Tere! This is stunning. What a gorgeous feast of colour!

Teresa said...

Thanks Paul, I will surely put up more of the oldies. Getting to get your feet in the water even during winter...I'm so envious!

Deb, the to-do list is growing faster and faster! I will put up a personal web, promise!

Andy, I'm so glad you like it! looks like I tend to go wild with color from time to time, it's fun! BTW where are your new works? *nudge nudge*

Paul Kasmir said...


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Teresa said...

WOW you are awesome Paul! it'll be my pleasure to post those 7 things and pass it onto another 7 bloggers. Thank you so much for thinking of me *hugs*

ADayInTheLife said...

Oh, I want to have my feet melt into the sand. Thanks for taking me there. Good work!

Teresa said...

Yay me too! now we only need a beach :)