September 29, 2009

Back home!

I'm back from my trip to Galicia, had a great time but even if I planned to paint A LOT rain soon disagreed with me, got to stay home more than I'd planned but still doodled some landscapes from there, these 2 are the views from the balcony.

I tried to paint this first one but it wasn't working as I expected so I ended up adding marker instead of finishing the color.

This other was done as an experiment, I wanted it to look like I was making a map instead of a drawing so it's kind of sterilized, not weight in the lines and lots of detailed tiny stuff, my neighbor could tell who lived in some of the houses so I guess the experiment worked, though it doesn't really look interesting LOL.


Ann Buckner said...

Delightful sketches, Teresa. I like the color added in the first showing good atmospheric distance.

Teresa said...

Thanks Ann, glad you liked it, it felt weird painting in that kind of paper though so... maybe I'll do another version in my beloved fabriano :)

Balaji said...

Wonderful sketches.

I have just started adding colour to some of my sketches, and I can see that I can learn a lot following your blog.

Apart from that, it is very interesting too.

Teresa said...

Thanks Balaji, I'll be thrilled to have you around.

Can't wait to see your colored buildings though I'm pretty sure it's me who will learn a lot from you.