October 6, 2009

September swap

Well, I've just received an email from Reni saying she got it, I'm so glad that the small painting arrived safe and sound and that she liked it, I guess now I can post it and why not as a little step by step?

It is based on one of the drawings I made during my trip to Galicia during early september, we have an old little quince tree there, I have no idea how old it is, sure older than me, it feels great to sit on that wall so what better idea than taking the sketchbook and draw for a while?

And the step by step (ok, I know, it's easier to see them if they're not changing constantly so here are the finished quinces and the former graphite sketch), now I can sit, relax and wait for my own surprise in the mail, can't wait to see who's from!



RHCarpenter said...

OK, girl, you've got to tell me how you do that "slide show" style with them overlapping on top of one another! Very cool. And I love this painting (and the photo of you on the rock wall and the painting and the quince!! You are too techno for me!)

Teresa said...

Ha! Techno-woman, I'll need an expandex outfit to go with that :P. As for making the gif and embedding it in Bloger I think I'll better send an email to you with a long explanation, ok? It's not difficult at all (but I won't let you take the "techno" title back).

Deb Léger said...

Shoot, I think I just erased my comments by clicking on the pic of the wall! I'll start over. Gorgeous painting Teresa!!! Just gorgeous! I love the slide show and seeing it come alive. What a beautiful, beautiful place this Galicia is! When I read Rhonda's comment about your pic of you sitting on the wall, I kept thinking I'd missed something. LOL.

Teresa said...

I'm big enough to be seen in a picture for sure Deb lol, of course I'm not there (just a pointer with my avatar) since I was taking the photo from the window :)

Galicia is the most gorgeous place on earth (do I look biased? ^_^)

Sadami said...

Dear Teresa,
Beau~~~~tiful!! and...looks so yummy.
Cheers, Sadami

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Thanks Sadami! :D