August 13, 2009

S is for Superfabulous (a.k.a. Sorolla, Joaquín Sorolla)

I've just arrived home from the exhibition of Sorolla's works at El Prado, WOW and WOW! I'll write a looooooong post about it all in the next entry because it's imposible to describe it just briefly, I've loved it!

It's funny how just a week ago I was talking on the phone with my friend Victor and we were saying that the Museo Sorolla is the one we've paid more visits to through our lives, probably because it's near our houses and not so crowded with people, Sorolla is one of the painters that has always been there in my life, when I didn't knew the names of a lot of relevant painters I already knew Sorolla very well. That said I couldn't even imagine the magnitude of the works I saw today, "impressive" and "terrific" are not enough to describe them, I'll just have to go through each one of my favourites in detail later.

For all the people out there who will have the chance to see his works in New York I must encourage you not to miss them, no printed image will make it justice, that reminds me the only drawback of this afternoon --> the book they are selling at the exhibition, what a bunch of horrible pics it has, I know it's really hard to capture all the colors accurately but these weren't even close, they turn an image full of vibrant ranges of color from reds, oranges, creams, corals, mauves, greens, blues... into blue/yellow and grey, quite disappointing. Yet I couldn't leave without getting some beautiful merchandise for my friends.

BTW on my way there I took the subway and remembered that long ago I had promised Rhonda to take a photo of the walls there which are full of reproductions of his works since it's the nearest subway station to his museum, so here, my cell camera is quite bad but you get the idea, plus one of them is of one of my all time favourites, below the image it reads "La Bata Rosa 1916, Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida. Museo Sorolla", wouldn't be able to say right now how it's known internationally, "the pink robe" maybe?

An yes they are huge, almost the same height of the wall, see?. (horrible photo, I know)


RHCarpenter said...

Oh, I am so glad you went to the museum to see his works, Teresa and will be waiting anxiously to hear more about it. I know nothing can describe the way he captures and manipulates the light the light the light!!! in his paintings. Wish I could visit more than online...maybe someday. Thanks for sharing the subway pics, too :)

Teresa said...

It was so exciting! Now I'm looking for my favourites online but I can't find some of them, SHOCK!

Nick said...

Hope I get a chance to see that, thanks for posting this. Do you have the catalog? I keep getting emails aboutit:

Teresa said...

You must see it if you have the chance Nick, as for the catalog I got there with the idea of purchasing it and had it in my hands but after taking a look at it I decided not to, it's huge and have loads of information but when it comes to the reproduction of the paintings it lacks a lot of quality IMO, the printed images are simply not well photographed and/or edited, maybe it's just me though 'cos I keep reading people raving about it, in my opinion the photo quality is not worthy, the info probably is.