August 24, 2009

Saturday doodle on site

Yep, this time my surroundings' journal entry is not even a place per se, I was waiting for the bus again after almost loosing a hard fight against my *gasp* building's gate, yep, it refused to let me out no matter what, do you know how it feels to be let out of your home? (as in forgetting the keys inside) well now think how does feel like being locked INSIDE. At least it wasn't only me, an old lady was there with me trying to get out too.

So when I finally got out and went to the bus stop just to see that the new advertisement there was the promo of Ong Bak 2 I realised I had my journal doodle of the day, because when you feel like kicking and punching something there's nothing like thai style, with your knees or your elbows or your knees AND elbows... while flying! then again I can't do a flying kick to save my life so drawing it should be more than enough.

Couldn't sketch it all since the bus came pretty soon for once. I think this one will remain in black and white.


RHCarpenter said...

To fit with the kick-ass tone of this one, I'd like to see you wash some reds around the figures but leave the figures alone. I like it! You put all your feelings into your work.

Teresa said...

Red, good idea Rhon! I'll try that today :D