July 9, 2009

Teresa's surroundings

July project with my dear pals, sketching weekly whatever is around us and related to us, I'm liking it a lot so I'll probably keep doing it, I've started it in my new small Fabriano Venezia, it's a good sketchbook to use a lot of mediums plus is small enough to fit even in a pocket.

Last saturday I had breakfast with my brother and my friend Angeles as usual, so while I was waiting for the bus on my way I decided to sketch a bit, it's right next to my house and it looked a good subject, I wasn't as fast as needed and before I noticed the bus was going away, without me, and the bus driver was looking at me with that kind of look.., a mix of evil pleasure and shock, I still got to have my "americano" brunch, YUM!

And these are from the clinics where I work, late at night or early at morning are perfect quite moments to take a few minuts and make a quick sketch:

And the ones from the subway, SHAME! each time I look at those.... EWWW! anyway practice makes perfect, I don't know when I'll get brave and bold enough to take the sketchbook out again in the subway and sketch my fellow travellers.

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