July 12, 2009

More sketches

I'm not painting at all lately, it seems that everyday there's something that keeps me away from the painting table so I'm balancing it doing the july sketching, fast, easier and pressure-free, I could get used to it, it's so much fun! I thought after sketching the open MRI it was mandatory to sketch the high field one too.

And this weekend wasn't a painting weekend at all, I've spent it at a friends house taking care of her dog while she and her husband were out, dog's name is Luca and she's really old and having a lot of health problems and she never ever stays alone in a room if she can go with you so it was like having a second shadow somehow, but she's a doll and I had a good time with her and seems like she did too since when I was leaving their house she followed me to the stairs instead of staying home with my friend. I planned to draw a lot of sketches of her but since 95% of the time her pose was the same I ended up doing only one.

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