July 7, 2009

midnight incoherence

Since I could have had a better day I guess it's time to spice it up with some stupidity that'll let me go to bed with a smile in my face so, here! Rhonda, you thought I wouldn't do it, right? but I did! just in my journal though, it's probably not apropiate for a big banner after all,

And I got some goodies last week that I forgot to post, I was going to smell the aqua fix (yes I had to buy it after all, even if there's a chance I never ever use it) but it happens to have one of those secure caps, stupid thing! one of those that can't be opened just by turning, you need to push and then turn to make sure that children can't open it, well I spent over 2 minutes trying to open it duh', and after all the effort it doesn't really smell! I don't even know why I have to smell all these new products when I buy them lol, anyway I bought some sketchbooks too and a set of Pitt pens that I love, I'm a new fan! And of course the excuse to place the order in the first place, a tube of raw sienna :)


RHCarpenter said...

I LOVE IT!!! Are you sure it won't look good as a big banner over your doorway?!? ha ha Also like the new art supplies - hey! I have some of those Pitt pens around somewhere in lots of colors - stupid me, using just graphite for sketching when I have colors!

Teresa said...

I don't right now but just give me some time, when my PMS comes I'll most likely put a really big one over the door! :P
You have those pens? go a take them off, you'll love them! I don't really care for the medium one (M) but the small (S) and the brush (B) ones are to die for, and combine perfectly, I'm sure you'll like them better than the ones you're using for the sketches.