August 14, 2010

Muffin top illustrated, take one

Lately I haven't been very productive but my friend Angie has put a stop to that asking me to make some illustrations, so I'm having fun doodling, inking and playing with them in photoshop.

She's starting an awesome fashion blog called Fashionista Mileurista (it's in spanish but I'm pretty sure with time she'll make it available in both spanish and english, go take a look!) and wants some illustrations to go with the articles, since one of the images she wants is a muffin top and I was already in the funny-faces mood I came up with this one that may or may not be suitable, either way I did have so much fun with it!

Now I'm thinking that I'll probably play a bit more with this image on paper, with watercolors, to see how it looks.

I've promised to make a little smiling face for her Twitter icon too which hopefully is up to par with the ones she made years ago for mine, I like the final linework but was worried because once resized to the actual tiny icon size it wasn't working, a cropping was needed but I still wasn't happy (click on the image to full view it and you'll see the cropped icon actual size) and after taking a look at it she agreed too.

So this is currently in the middle of a changing process, as much as I like the idea of having her inside her bag that will most probably be edited out, and I need to figure how to keep that scarf in, happily floating around and still not interfering or getting the face reduced.

So revamping the current icon is already in my to-do list and -since I've been playing with styles for the blog illus- I'll probably give a shot to the idea of a more realistic detail of a muffin top seen from behind too (such as the rough sketch on the left of the page), in graphite/charcoal and watercolors.

What do you think? quirky and crazy fun or serious and realistic?


RHCarpenter said...

I like quirky and crazy fun over serious these days - go for it!! If you need a model for the muffin top, just ask! ha ha

Irina said...

Crazy fun of course, and the crazier, the better!
Muffin top, new word in English for my "ideal" waist :-)

debwardart said...

Love your illustrations and I think the icon looks ok - at least on this monitor!

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

C'mon Rhon, you're fit! :D and quirky and funny too!

"ideal" tell me about it Irina lol

it does look good Deb? can I ask what screen resolution do you use? 1024x768? higher? lower?