July 27, 2010

The painting that never arrived

Yesterday I ordered an extra drawer for my new freezer and the customer service's guy told me that it will take at least 2 months to be delivered to my home, in answer to my shocking "whaaaat?!" he just laughed and explained that, well, it has to come from Turkey plus there's august around the corner and what not, so he recomended to order it right now and wait patiently.

That's made me think, MAYBE the painting I sent last month for Rhonda's swap group is not really lost forever, MAAAYBEE it's taken the long way through Turkey and it simply will take at least 2 months before arriving to its destination, yes, sure.

How long has it taken for one of your mailed paintings to reach destination in the worst case?

I wasn't going to blog it but since probably the original will never show up I'm getting nostalgic about it. Ain't it great that we're in a time when you can save digital copies of every single painting you paint?!

If I ever get to redo this one again I'd approach it from a completely different point of view, like turning it into a more experimental ink painting with only touches of color here and there, food for thinking...


RHCarpenter said...

I am more than sorry that this one has not arrived - let's hope it has something to do with summer slow-downs and maybe it's just too hot to carry the mail? I'm still wishing it arrives - it is too gorgeous not to find its home!!! I'd love to see you do this one again, something very different and fun and more impressionistic, maybe?

debwardart said...

WOW, this painting is FANTASTIC. I sure hope that it does finally arrive to the lucky new owner! I'm working on something simlar to this one, but now think I'll just trash mine! Excellent work!

Artoholic said...

Oh, not good having to worry like that.....fingers crossed it turns up soon.

I have been taking a look around your blog and it is just beautiful. Your watercolours are like jewels - such vibrant captures!



Pat said...

So very sorry it is missing.
The longest one of my paintings took to arrive was 3 weeks.
I hope yours turns up soon xx

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

you're right Rhonda, summer is way too hot so maybe someone is just using the painting to fan himself :) If I redo it you can be sure it won't be such a tighten up piece, just fun!

Deb don't you dare to trash it! just finish it and send it my way :D

Cindy, thanks for the concern, I can use that extra bunch of crossed fingers for sure. Is good to have you around, feel at home and jump in anytime you please!

Pat, oh dear, 3 weeks are more than unsettling already!

Sadami said...

Dear Teresa,
Your painting is so beautiful and lovely. Particularly, the light and the background makes flowers outstanding. BTW...did the extra drawer come to you peacefully?
Thank you for sharing your chat that gives us light on the earth!(I'm a bit scary to turn off the computer...)
Kind regards, Sadami

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Thanks for your support Sadami :) I did get the extra drawer 3 weeks ago around the date they promised so yay!
Yikes on the computer thing dear, I hope that tomorrow, once the weekend is over, you manage to get someone to take a look at it and see if it can be fixed :( *crossing fingers for you*