June 18, 2010

Metal leaf, it was gonna happen sooner or later

A couple of weeks ago I saw a gorgeous painting of a dragon that incorporated some metal leaf here and there and then was watercolored over it resulting into a really interesting look.

The actual result has been my latest order turning from brushes, restock of paint and paper into all kinds of metal leaf, hmmmm…. How did that happen?

I’ll be making some experiments watercoloring over those metallic pretties and trying to achieve some textures soon enough.

Also, I ordered a small bottle of sealer just in case because I read the metals would tarnish, I’m not sure if I’ll use it or how it’ll affect the watercolors, will the tarnish be THAT bad? Anyone has any experience with this? Share with me your experiences, will you?

BTW Los Angeles won the ring! GO LAKERS!!!!


RHCarpenter said...

You are definitely going where I've never gone, Teresa. Hope you get some good input on this - I'll search some art mags as I seem to remember someone working in this recently but probably not watercolor...hmmm...interesting.

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Yeah, like the Enterprise... :P But when I get some results I'll make you join me, I know you love to try different things!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hi Teresa - so glad you commented on my recent Spring painting commission - it meant I came over and found your wonderful work and interesting posts. Love the title of your blog site. Will now be keeping a regular check on your activities via my blog roll favourites.

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

I'm a bit of a lurker but that landscape was too good to keep silent Joan, I'm so glad to have you aroud :)