February 27, 2010

Unexpected mentions always make my day

Wow, a Sunshine award, I didn't even know those existed and now I have two, thank you so much Rhonda and Irina for thinking of me, you're far too generous and I'm delighted so I'm passing it back to both of you because you're awesome *smoooochies*

So time to pass this on, since editing is not my forte and I have just 12 slots I'll try to give it to people who hasn't received the award (or so I think), then you can add all the artists in my blogroll to it.

The 12 of them are not only awesome artists with completely different styles but have the power of making my imagination travel through places full of wonders, each one of them in a different way. Please check them out, if you like what you see return often, don't be shy and leave some comments, I assure you they all are really nice people too.

Latasha Moore
Paul Kasmir
Andy Smith
Carmen Jimenez
Elisabet Ramirez
Heather Castles
Juan Valdivia
Mª José Barrera
Dhar Cedhar
Theresa Miller
Mollie Jones

I love all your blogs guys :D


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the mention and placing me in very good company with the 11 artist you have listed.

The Sunshine award you recieved you deserve :0)!!!

Thanks again,

P.S.The previous post/painting is looking very good keep us followers posted on its progress.

Teresa said...

My pleasure Paul, you know I love your works, glad you liked the other 11!

Latasha M. Moore said...

You are always so nice to me! Gracias<3 I love your stuff always! I hope to get as good and fluid as you dear with your watercolors<3

Much Love!

Teresa said...

Because you are love and your art rocks! And you are a mistress of watercolors already dear ^_^
I'll pimp you forever and ever sweetheart! <3

Carmen said...

Hola Teresa, pensarás que soy una desagradecida, no me había dado cuenta de que me has mencionado. Espero me disculpes, soy una despistada. He entrado para ver como llevabas el trabajo y acabo de ver mi nombre. Te agradezco mucho que hayas pensado en mí y me ofrecas esta preciosa margarita.


Teresa said...

Uy en absoluto! si ni siquiera te he avisado cómo me va a extrañar?
Tu blog es estupendo y se merece la margarita y mucho más,