May 5, 2009

Is there something as too many colors?

This past sunday I've been making a chart of the colors I have to check which ones were opaques, we will be studying those at an online group and since I never do this kind of thing I thought it would be good to have a chart instead of relying in my memory so....

I've found that some of the colors I have look to me absolutely opaques but they are listed as transparent in the official color charts, so I must have done something wrong? lol

What is undeniable is that I do have more tubes than I need for sure, I used every single one at one point but in the end my urge to try new colors does leave me with a lot of small tubes that I don't really use at all.

My opaques run mostly among the blue/green/yellow range and a few that I don't often use, the examples of Carla O'Connor's paintings at the group made me want to go for figures in this project and inspired by Roger Cruz my gigglyinner12yearsold side wants to make some muppet show so super grover, cookie monster, Ernie & Bert, count von count... beware!


RHCarpenter said...

Hi, my name is Teresa and I am a color addict! ha ha Me, too, Teresa! Nothing wrong with having lots of colors if you know how to use them and what they can do for you :) And it is not easy "painting" green, to paraphrase Kermit :)

Lost in wonder said...

Rhonda you know I'll have to leave Kermit out of my list and let YOU paint him after all the studying you're doing on greens, right? ;)