May 17, 2009

Art journal doodles

This morning the washing machine attacked me during laundry, it jumped to the sink in front of it throwing everything that was on top of it to the floor on its way, so first it was the shock, then the cleaning, and after that the urge to draw the event in my sketchbook, that has reminded me I haven't posted anything in that journal since the slam dunk, so I've scanned a couple of pages, both of them are about gifts I got on the 3 wisemen day (back on january):

This one is based on a cologne I got that I totally love! From Gwen Stefani collection, there are others that I haven't smell yet but they are as cute looking as this one; it's a small bottle with a big doll lol but I've already included it among my favourite fragances. It started as a doodle just because it was there in front of me, then it begged for color and I started to add things from the box, then adding random harajuku girls lyrics looked like a must

This other one is based on a Starbucks' jar that has became my favourite, I can't help looking at it and read the "my journey begins today" message it has, so eventually I had to sketch it.


RHCarpenter said...

Wonderful sketches, Teresa. You should share these more often - lots of color and style as always!

Lost in wonder said...

Ha! I should DO these more often, I should have at least one sketchbook filled already but I'm lazy and don't even have 1/4 of it, yet it's fun to doodle like this just for fun and relax.