January 24, 2009

Look, a cow!

Today I spent the day shopping with my brother and while we were walking around suddently cows started to appear, I'd heard of the exhibition already but hadn't seen any of the cows until today, and there was even one inside the subway!

Some of them were really ugly but I found this one so cute that I had to take a photo, isn't she BatCow? look at those little white fangs, adorable I say

behaving like a tourist in my own city? definitely, count me in.


Deb Léger said...

Tereeeeeeeeeesa! You finally got it up and running!!!! Great!

I love seeing the pic of BatCow (what an imagination you have!). I'll be back lots!

Let's see some artwork here, girl!

Deb Léger said...

Hey, forgot to ask - where's the snow? Did you lose it already???

Lost in wonder said...

Hi Deb!!!

I'll upload some art soon, even if it has to be something old to get me in the mood lol.

Hey, you wouldn't spect snow to last for long here, right? our winter days are usually like this one, clean blue skies and even some sunshine, cold but nice.

RHCarpenter said...

Love the batcow :) We have flying pigs here in the Cincinnati area - so lots of decorated pigs all around - I like cows better :( Glad to see you're up and running! Hoping to see more sketches, doodles, and paintings here :)

Lost in wonder said...

Flying pigs? Now THAT's something I need to see!

Will upload something asap, really really, ;)