September 17, 2012

Figure drawing - More daily sketches

These are some of the daily warm-ups from May and June. I decided to take a *not completely desired* break from these during July and August but I’m ready and happy to resume them now, we’ll see if I’ve gotten rusty in these couple of months.

I’ve noticed some changes in the way I’ve been approaching the warm up sessions, now I stop, think before laying a line, even in the 30 seconds exercises, I know I know, I said that I liked these 30 secs because they made you stop thinking and start landing lines.

I’m the most shocked one at the realization that it doesn’t necessarily lead to spacing out for 30 secs, you can actually stop and think and still deliver a figure instead -ok, half a figure but still-.

So far the results I’m getting are either more accurate and clean figures or a total mess, but when it works it feels great! So next goal is inclining that balance towards the good looking ones, goes without saying, right?

Something that I didn’t expect is that I seem to be getting more unfinished figures than before, no matter the time frame, wonder why that is happening? Somehow it doesn’t feel like stopping to think is the problem, anyway  the unfinished look is starting to grow on me so I’m not too worried about it, just curious.

The way I’m approaching these warm ups seems to be evolving towards something, not sure what yet though, but I guess I’ll find soon enough, meanwhile I’m keeping the same goals and at the same time I’m enjoying experimenting with the process.


Sadami said...

Hi, Teresa,
Wonderful drawings!! Certainly, you're "evolving towards something." I've been awaiting your new post. Look forward to a next!! Go, go, Teresa!!!
Cheers, Sadami

Pat said...

I absolutely love the unfinished ones.
I wonder how it would be if you painted one unfinished too? Just thinking...

Sharon Williamson said...

Teresa these are fabulous. I especially like the variation in line, and the unfinished-ness works really well, it's like having lost edges in a painting I guess, more for the viewer to engage with.

Andy said...

Good on you for choosing some challenging poses - especially the foreshortened ones. Gorgeous lines, Tere. Lots more please!!! :-)

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Yay Sadami you're always so encouraging! :D

Pat I'm adding to my daily routine another half hours of warm ups with watercolor so you might see some of those figures soon ;)

Sharon it might be that, they do feel....interesting in a way

Andy, lots to come very soon! promise!