May 16, 2011

Leaving Mirkwood, slooooowly

Not there yet, but it's getting closer :)

I know what's bothering me so much about this one, I killed the composition in every single possible way, overall wrong placings, the horizontal line, the verticals splitting in half the upper half, mirrored negative spaces, Bilbo right in the middle, how did I manage to do this? it can be mended though.

And this one is gaining positions and might surpass the other composition in the end, not yet but it has potential. The big problem with this one is that there's too much dead space, and that barrel needs to be lifted, moved around and overlapped with other elements, then it might work... (and for crying out loud that hand must leave the center of the pic again, how does Bilbo manage to get in the middle all the time?)

Right now I think that overlapping is key, and unbalance, I need to break the quietness, it's time to go bold! don't you think?


Pat said...

Fascinating to watch you trying out the scenarios. Would love to see how bold you can go!

RH Carpenter said...

Absolutely! Bold and watch that hobbit who wants to always be in the middle :)

Andy Smith said...

I love the way you articulate the compositional problems you are having. I find it very instructive and it makes me think about my compositions a little more directly. I'm also loving that you are choosing scenes and compositions that play to your strengths.
Thanks for sharing, Tere!

Sadami said...

Go, Teresa, go~~~!!!!
Tons of cheers,

Crystal Cook said...

Yes bold! Go bold!! I do LOVE these sketches you are posting. Very, very nice! And I have to say that even if Bilbo's hand is in the middle, it still looks fantastic.

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Pat, Rhon, Sadami, Crystal, why I didn't doubt for a second that you'd vote for bold? you're troopers!

Andy now you've got me thinking about the scenes I chose, to be totaly honest I went "ppfffff!" when I read you coment "no way!" I said, and went to check my list of scenes, and you're right o_O, except for a couple of them out of 28 most of the scenes I chose play indeed to my strenghts, but it was an unaware decission? hmmm.... can it be like color choice? that it comes natural with time? maybe the way we see things in our minds is related to composition or trained if you prefer, food for thinking, this is going to be dancing in my mind for quite some time.