March 21, 2011

Illustrating the Hobbit: there's no shame in failure if it leads to success!

This week is the fourth deadline of the Hobbit project, I kind of feel guilty for not having updated on my progress at all, the reason? there's almost no progress but I'm on the way, it's taking quite some time because so far instead of the usual natural flow I'm kind of hitting against a wall, going through all the dead ends of failed ideas before getting to the right track, but I'll end up in the right track if only due to stubbornness.

After rereading the book I ended up with a pretty huge list of scenes, probably my punishment for my evil thoughts when I saw my 2 partners in crime having problems to edit their lists down to 14; here's mine, a huge 28 *blush* BUT as you can see I'm already working on editing it down and the final choices will be made after some sketches, then I'll be able to base the decision both on preference of the feeling I had when reading the book AND how well I can make it work on paper.

Once I decided to stop trying to downsize that list and just start doodling and see which ones would have more potential I though that would be it, the end to my troubles, but the thumbs have been just another kind of bump in the road, seems like reducing that list won't be easy, the scenes that where clearer in my mind and I thought were keepers have been being more challenging to define in those thumbs than others.

So I've decided to take one more step since this process seems to be based on substracting all the failures before hitting the good one. That means I've started to work on rough sketches of one of the scenes, maybe if I elaborate the images a bit more I'll had a better understanding of the scene and will be able to decide easily if it'll work on the long run or not, sounds like a plan?

But it's late and I have to leave so those first roughs will be posted tomorrow, meanwhile here are some of the thumbs, yes I know, rough doesn't even begin to define it, but I promise there are at least 6 Bilbos, 2 dragons, and 2 Bardos, even a Gandalf! Bear with me for a while please, they do make sense in my mind :)


Sadami said...

Dear Teresa,
Of course!! Go, make tons of messes that give births for masterpieces. (*just before submitting it before a due date:0...illustrators's reality?!)Very happy to know you're a right on a track!!
Hip, hip, hurray, hurray, Teresa.
Kind regards, Sadami

Andy Smith said...

I think you have embraced the idea of thumbnails in a much better way than me... mine are too worked up. Yours are light, free and just what you need to capture gesture and composition. And if they make sense in your head that is all that matters!
Your update has come at a perfect time for me. It's just the injection I need to get back into this awesome project after a couple of weeks of distractions.
Can't wait to see your roughs!!!

Irina said...

You open the illustrator's kitchen for me. I know nothing about this activity. Sounds so interesting. And hard. Good luck!

Ann Buckner said...

Teresa, I have no doubt at all that you will find just exactly what you are wanting in the series. I love the thumbnails. Lots of energy and ideas there.

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

That's the way things work, right Sadami? thanks for the cheer!

Roughs up and ready to go for the first finished drawing Andy. How about you? did you manage to work a bit more on your illos? can't wait to see your next creation

Irina, I'm learning the hard way lol, but illustration and painting seem 100% the same to me so far, thanks for the encouragement!

Ann, can't wait to finish the first one and hear some raw critiques from you if you may, will you? I'll share it at pals when I have it done and will get ready for some hard honest punches :)