November 12, 2010

Shaking the rust away

Have you ever got that mix of excitement and fear when someone ask you about a possible comission in the manner of "could you make it look like *insert here one of your previous works*"?

I recently have and it's kind of scary, I don't like that feeling because I know that any piece that I begin with fear won't flow, won't work at all, so I've decided to take action and just get familiar with the subject, I'm lucky enough to have several pictures of this little sweetie around so why not, right?

So I'm gonna aproach it in different ways:
a)warm up with some gesture drawings of the baby, full body.
b)sketches of her facial expressions to get familiar with the subtleties.
c)value sketches, the goal is to get so used to her correct volume and proportions that it comes natural.
d)color swatches and color sketches to see which ones suit her better and getting confident to use them boldly.

Sounds like a plan? It does to me and after drawing this first gesture I feel more confident already.

I'll share the wip of this process, for better or worse, wish me luck!


RHCarpenter said...

Great plan, Teresa! I know you'll work out the tiny kinks and have something amazing at the end - and we get to share your process!!

Irina said...

I wish you luck!
Great that you have a plan. And waiting for the result. And I am sure it will make your commisioner (not sure English is written OK here) happy, you are very talented painter!

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

I was missing sharing wips Rhon, thanks for the unconditional support! :D

The commision is still on the air Irina (thoung I'm pretty sure not for long) but I don't like to not feel confident so better take action asap! thanks for the well wishes! I certainly share more of this process.

Sadami said...

Dear Teresa,
Your drawing skills are wonderful. I have the same fear from commissioned works right now. Scary.
Please keep up and I sincerely hope you(and me!!) can make a werk make both you and the client happy(...gulp?!). Go, go, Teresa!! (*writing from a library's computer.)
Cheers and best wishes, Sadami

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Sadami, a commission is always kind of bittersweet, ain't it? I hope too that we both make it work this time!
So you still haven't the new computer? :(