February 2, 2010

Subway sketching past sunday

I haven't sketched outdoors lately at all, looking through my small Surroundings sketchbook the last one I did outdoors is dated sept.24th, so last sunday I took my sketchbook with me in my way to take a test, resulting in 7 sketches in the subway.

The first 3 were from the few people on the train around 8 am, there's not too much people at that hour in the subway on sundays, the good thing is that the three of them were distracted and/or more than willing to pose for me so I could look as much as I wanted, the color and text were added later at home. My favourite model of this batch was the poser, the "sleeping" guy of the 3rd pic, he wasn't sleeping at all! I clearly saw him staring at me while I was drawing the previous one and the moment he noticed me looking for a new subject he just posed like that, I had a great time drawing him in those baggy clothes and much more interesting pose than the usual passenger.

I did the final 4 in my way back home at midday, and this time I was lucky enough to sit in front of sleeping-party-girl, I've found that a sleeping model is the best in the world! had to make 2 sketches of her, face and feet; I'm not happy with the standing man though, I messed up proportions badly :(, and then couldn't finish the last one either because we arrived at my station but he was really interesting, I wish I'd had a couple more minutes to sketch him.

And here's the one done in september, I don't think I posted it back then, looking at it now I wish I'd forget about the rest and focused on the corner with the poster and the motorbike :) loved drawing it!


Ann Buckner said...

Teresa, these are wonderful and interesting. Good to know you are sketching again.

Deb Léger said...

Beautiful Teresa! Beautiful sketches! I love the one of the poser and the story, too. Did he see the finished sketches?

Teresa said...

Thanks girls, it feels good doing something artsy again Ann, even if it's just a quick doodle in the subway.
Deb the poser DID take a look at the sketches, when he was going to get out of the train he came to the door next to me instead of the one closer to him, and looked shamelessly to the pages lol.

Irina said...

These are so good!
I have an award for you. Of course you can do whatever you want with it, but I NEED to express my good attitude to you and your blogging. Details here: