January 8, 2010

WN Gouache Chart

I haven't painted anything with my new gouache yet but after making this colour chart yesterday I already know I'm going to love it, looks easy to use, not too problematic at first try (though it may depend on each different colour pigments), so some highlights so far:

- It gets the overworking pretty well, I came once and again with more pigment, plain water, dabbed back and forth and no damage was done to the chart at all.

- It "feels good" to the brush touch, pretty soft and with a good flow, even straight from the tube.

- After applying it to the watercolour paper and playing with the pigment on the palette I'd say it'll be a good medium to use on smooth papers: HP, bristol and illustration boards, yupo, gessoed papers and such. Every single colour could be extended evenly on the plastic palette going once and again over it with the brush without leaving brushtrokes, the only exception to this was the Ivory Black that seems to like to gather into small separated drops as soon as the brushtroke is finished (remember, on a plastic palette), probably a thicker appliance will make it behave like the rest of the colours though that's just my assumption and haven't tried it yet.

- The Phthalo Blue looks at first sight closer to my watercolor Manganese Blue than to phthalo, but since my watercolor phthalo is from Winsor&Newton and they make just green shade or red shade I guess it's just that I don't have a good referral to how a pure phthalo should look like.

- They don't lift as easily as watercolor. See how nothing changed at all when a big drop of water accidentally fell on the Raw Umber, after it dried the pigment hadn't lifted and moved a single bit even being an area where it was pretty thick, nice!

- The water bucket ended up completely dirty after using few paint, only a tip of the brush from each tube, but then when I emptied it there were no sediment at all in the bottom of the bucket, interesting.


RHCarpenter said...

Looks like you have a warm and cool of each color, Teresa! What fun!!! Looking forward to seeing you use these in a small painting soon - something fantasy-based?? Whimsical? Fun?

Cindi said...

hey teresa.. thanks for stopping by my blog.. will be watching for you, on painting friends.. one of the members just got the same paints you did and has been having fun expiermenting with them in the forum.. let me know when you decide to drop in, so i can be on the look out for you!! happy new year!!

debwardart said...

Looks like you will be having some fun, playing with a new medium. I'll be watching!

Teresa said...

Yes Rhonda I have a bit of everything, I'm not used to some of the pigments (as in I never use cads, or the chromium oxide) but I can't wait to explore and see what I can get from them. Yesterday I did a quiq study for the design of my next asian painting, I'll mail it to pals later :)

Cindi thank you! I can't wait to return there and see what everybody is doing, I'll let you know when I sign up, how can I be nervous?

Deb, I would have swear you'd painted with gouache, but since you haven't you should put it in your birthday presents list or a "just because" present :D, you'll love them, meanwhile let's have fun with my attempts, hee!

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks for sharing all the information you are deriving from doing your color charts, Teresa. Can't wait to see what you do with these. I'll see you at PF whenever you arrive. :D

Teresa said...

I'm excited about going back to PF Ann, but I don't want to until I know I can be active in the group, it's getting me excited and nervous at the same time just thinking of registering again :)