December 24, 2009

Random post of the year

It's the morning of Xmas Eve and I'm thinking about my visit to the beach during september again, why? no idea. But I thought I could post another oldie featuring the sea, I painted it for a swap group and didn't get to keep a good image of it because my scanner was broken at the time, a pity.

And since I'm missing the beach I'm looking through some photos I took, can't believe that I actually took this one walking in the water with my cell, best idea ever! will keep it forever :)

Ok, enough, I think I've lost my Xmas mojo today, but yesterday was all about presents hunting for the Three Wisemen Day, I came home pretty empty handed though, except for some absolutely tacky Xmas wrapping papers and photos.

The Xmas monster (aka my brother) instructed me not long ago about what's a Do and a Don't when it comes to "propper" Xmas decorations, and looks like it's all about tacky, so being the fast learner I am I've applied it to the wrapping already, in fact I'm loving them all and most of all the one on the right, to the point that I'm actually thinking of not using it for the presents and use it for some collages... hmmmm......

Well since this post is turning quite random here are some more photos I took yesterday (ok the ninja assassin one was from last week),

"break in case of zombies", it's good to know where I can find a huge strong wooden antizombies weapon, right in the middle of Preciados street, nice! I'm planning a combo with some friends this weekend, Zombieland and Ninja Assassin in the same glorious afternoon, it's gonna be epic, I've been waiting for ninja assassin for a whole year and it's finally here, in fact I've been so unbearable about it for so long that the same week I took the picture my friend Victor sent me an MMS of a similar ad too, and he wasn't the only one to think about it, the only thing that stopped them was that I alredy had sent them my own photo, ninjas for the win!

Back to yesterday, later in the afternoon I came across this tshirt, I totally want it, but I didn't buy it, all my budget this month is for presents for other people, had to remember that for a second, just a second, and left it again on the shelf :).

And finally when my shopping day was officially a failure I found this, it's indeed a couch, who wouldn't want it as a present? I would if I had a viking themed room for sure, you gotta love a goat couch, and yes those are goat heads lookalikes AND horns, WOW, and WOW again, ROFLOL, brilliant.

Oh! look what I've found going through my cell photos, my letter to the 3 wisemen this year! lol. Yes, I DO write it every year :D

Ok, time to shut up, right? Happy holidays to all of you who celebrate this season and if you don't... have an awesome day all the same!


Balaji said...

Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2010.


Ann Buckner said...

Great post, Teresa! Hope the Three Wisemen come through for you. :D Loved your letter.

bicho.oscuro said...

ooooH your monster Xmas it`s a wise one! you know it. And remenber: the rules...

Carmen said...

Teresa, me he divertido muchísimo leyendo tu entrada. Confía en que los Magos te traigan la camiseta. El sofá es algo más difícil.

Preciosa tu ola marina.

Sigue disfrutando de las fiestas!
Un beso

Teresa said...

Hope the four of you are havinga good season so far :)

Ann, you gotta send the letter if you wanna get the goodies, right? ;)

Victor, rule #2... XD I had a great time!

Carmen gracias! a ver qué cae este año :) lo del sofá fue un shock paseando por Velazquez, pero a menos que quiera ser devorada por los ácaros no creo que sea una buena opción jajaja. A ver si voy posteando más pinturas antiguas de vez en cuando, que parece que las tengo olvidadas!

La Coquette said...

OOOOOOOooooh!! Que camiseta más bonitaaaaaa!!! yo no la he vistoooo en ningún zara!!!!

El Brasote

Teresa said...

Lo que significa que nunca más volverá a aparecer Brasote :( *snif*