December 12, 2009

Ramblings about the portrait

I've added some more shapes to the facial features, and finally attacked the glasses and eyes area. it's funny that my camera is trying to adjust the colors to counterbalance the yellow lighting of the room so it ends up doing strange things to the colors of the painting, why is always already night when I decide to stop and share?

Things to take into account during further steps:

1.- When I add the second layer of purple on the glasses' crystals everything under it will probably blur a tiny bit, gotta be careful with the values and not mess that area up.
2.- The black of the glasses is just the base coat so the value will be darker in the future, gotta darken the value of the glasses shadows before adding the final purple wash of the crystal if I want it to be correct, since both glasses and shadows will have to be close in value.
3.- Beware of the pink lipstick effect Teresa!
4.- Fix the bag under the left eye, it was correct in the monochromatic version, be bolder with it.
5.- Gotta fix the shape of the chin, it's a bit off, and have to adjust the color of the shadow under it.
6.- Gotta add the beard and mustache asap, this guy looks pretty ugly weird without them, it'll probably be enough to finish that area, plus maybe that's enough to fix the chin shape.
7.- Approach to hair/background/clothing on hold until next round, don't stress over it by now.

Irina, here you have a shot of the palette, my setup of the colors is pretty random but it works for me :), not too much going around right now since I'm almost layering pure thin color for the 90% of the painting and I'm not needing big amounts of pigment by now, when I start with the background/hair/clothing things will be different, I'll upload another photo then, ok?

Links to the whole WIP: Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5


Irina said...

Thank you, Teresa!
I follow Mr.Barton's fate very attentively.
Yes, photos work on their own with our paintings. A friend of mine refuses to visit my blog, likes to feel the originals.

Ann Buckner said...

Teresa, you are painting the shapes so well. Love how you think through things yet to be done.

Anonymous said...

The painting is coming along nicely!

Teresa said...

Irina, what can I say, I understand your frined but I wouldn't have that patience, I'd check the blog and then see them in real life too! :) double fun.

Ann, you know how it is to rumble these kind of thoughts in your head while you're not painting.

Ben, I'm so happy to have you around! I could make good use of those sharp eyes of yours, have fun while you're at my den, there's hot chocolate somewhere around, be my guest :)