August 5, 2009

Morning sketches

I've been neglecting these weekly sketches, shame on me! so I'm trying to resume them properly, even if I hadn't even picked my sketchbook since July 24th I'd put it in my bag yesterday, met a friend to had breakfast and after a nice morning chatting and window shopping, in my way back home I decided to stop for a while and sketch a bit since it wasn't late, these are the results, both sketches are not farther than 20 meters one from the other

There where I put a blue sky actually is a huge net surrounding a golf area I think, I haven't get in there ever and even if I wanted to sketch from the front garden there was a security guard there so I didn't even try. So the front door will have to do, it's a beautiful place even from the outside anyway.

This other one was my first target, all the way back home I had the fountain in my mind, then it happened to be the most unsuitable thing fora quick sketch, the concrete walls that form the fountain are completely uneven with an interesting design and I failed badly to capture it, yet I hope it still has the right "feel" to it, I enjoyed painting it.

Next time I'll choose a place in shadow to stand while sketching, august is being hot!


RHCarpenter said...

I like them both a lot!!! Of the 4 of us, you have committed the most time and effort to the challenge of painting your surroundings and making us feel we are seeing a little bit of your hometown area :)

Ann Buckner said...

Your line sketch looks even better with color, Teresa! Hope you do more of these, showing us the different places in Madrid.

Teresa said...

How did we failed at this? lol, well Rhonda, you can bet you'll get sick of seeing more and more of Madrid unless I get sick of sketching them sooner :)

I'm starting to like the cartoonish look of them with color Ann.