February 11, 2009

1000 journals

Last night I was reading ZOM's blog and found this incredible promo of 1000 journals, the idea of the the short film is the most interesting thing itself, a guy putting 1000 brand new journals, numbering them and giving them away to travel the world waiting for them to (maybe) come back, I had to see the trailer:

Right from the if you ask a group of kindergardeners "raise your hand if you are an artist" it owned me, after that I just needed to visit the web page to know more about the whole thing, and now I'm desperate to see the movie, to know about what went through the minds of the people who added something to them, who saw the additions of other people after them, the pages themselves, I'm really really curious about it, it's quite interesting* or maybe just good marketing?*, anyway, I'm glad it's available.

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